In Plain Sight - 1

    The first installment of the In Plain Sight series. There was silence – all but the faint sound of police siren in the distance. It was the calm before the storm....

    In Plain Sight - 2

    Even if he had decided to stay the night in the motel room, Ian wouldn’t have been able to sleep. The events that transpired no more than a few hours prior were too heavily ingrained in his mind. All he could see were flashes of Rebecca’s face and the terrified individuals who saw him...

    In Plain Sight - 3

    About five blocks from the Rosa Marie Inn was 5th Street Community College. Ian had attended one semester there last year but dropped out. This sub-par institution had a library full of student workers, most of which couldn’t care less about their job....

    In Plain Sight - 4

    Ian wished he didn’t burn his Starbucks card. In retrospect, it wasn’t even attached to his name. It just had about $70 on it that he won from a cancer awareness raffle three months prior and there he was, sitting in a Starbucks without a Starbucks card...

    In Plain Sight - 5

    Ian had given himself an extra day just to clear his head the best he could. He was able to blend in with everyone else around him so far since his appearance had changed...

    In Plain Sight - 6

    Ian’s walk to Eastvale would take a couple hours but at least he would be moving away from the epicenter of the crime scene. Police sirens from any nearby scene were no longer audible...

    In Plain Sight - 7

    Ian looked at the man in front of him. His rugged face looked almost as soulless and lifeless as the tattered neighborhood itself...

    In Plain Sight - 8

    Ian sat on the couch diagonal from the black guy who had just cracked open a beer for him. “So Frogman,” he said. “You have any idea what we do here?”...

    In Plain Sight - 9

    “I apologize for the commotion. We don’t normally get unwired customers asking about our personal shit on the first day. I’m sure you can understand.” Everything changed in a mere ten-minute time frame...

    In Plain Sight - 10

    Ian sat in a chair across from Jebon as he hammered away on his keyboard while a device next to it made a whirring sound. After finishing his final keystroke, Jebon laughed lightly. “I swear, this peasant grunt shit is not what we’re all about.”...

    In Plain Sight – 11

    It was Groundhog Day – an exceptionally special holiday, seen as the equivalent of the combination of Christmas, a birthday and New Year’s between Ian and Rebecca –

    In Plain Sight – 12

    our more blissful months went by when it was suddenly June of that year. Ian and Rebecca were still that couple. Rebecca was a sophomore in college and Ian wasn’t in school. He spent

    In Plain Sight – 13

    The gun shot startled those who were new to Delta Omega Gamma featuring Joshua Rhuvan. Both Ian and Rebecca knew Joshua from high school. His rich parents bought

    In Plain Sight – 14

    Chad cracked open a beer and handed it to Josh. Neither of them had looked at a clock in hours and they had only woken up within the past hour. The sun was already

    In Plain Sight – 15

    It was the day of the charity event. Dream of a Second Chance, brought to you by Delta Omega Gamma. Ian and Rebecca were on their way to the campus grounds

    In Plain Sight – 16

    “Are you registered to vote yet? Excuse me? Sir? Ma’am? Are you registered to vote?” A squirrelly freshman petitioning for some generic environmental cause ambushed

    In Plain Sight – 17

    What am I going to do? Ian walked up to the cluster of individuals which included Josh Rhuvan with his douchey arm around Rebecca. He was never the confrontational type and he certainly didn’t

    In Plain Sight – 18

    “So I’m thinking of joining Kappa Phi,” Rebecca said as she read through a small booklet given to her by the girls at the event. “I never really saw myself as a sorority girl but hey, maybe.”

    In Plain Sight – 19

    It was Friday afternoon and Ian had just come home from his shift at Panda Express. He changed out of the red shirt and black apron uniform and threw his Panda Express hat on the bed

    In Plain Sight – 20

    Ian sped down the highway. Even though they lived no more than eleven minutes from each other, this was the longest eleven minutes of his life. He kept calling Rebecca back to see

    In Plain Sight – 21

    BREAKING NEWS: At 4:37pm, Friday June 26th, on the Kendall cul-de-sac of 23rd street in Los Angeles, a young man named Joshua Rhuvan was murdered in cold blood by another young man by the name of

    In Plain Sight – 22

    Kevin’s pace casually quickened. He moved in one direction and with one intent – away from Jebon’s place and away from the scene of the incident. He couldn’t get far enough away.

    In Plain Sight – 23

    f Kevin Demarcos were to start a new life, what kind of life would it be? After a few days of being homeless, he felt much freer than he ever had before.

    In Plain Sight – 24

    The bartender took one look at Kevin’s ID, glanced at Kevin’s face, and then handed his ID right back without a second thought. The bartender went right back and began mixing his drink as if

    In Plain Sight – 25

    He slept on the idea for a few days. It took a bit more stalling, pining, dwindling cash, fast food, garbage can food and drinking fountain water when Kevin made up his mind. South Arbon State University

    In Plain Sight – 26

    It was as if he had made a friend. Garret Hodge, whoever he was, was just as much of a loner as he was. “Have you heard of The Flaccid Flask?” Kevin started. “It’s a pretty chill bar a few blocks

    In Plain Sight – 27

    To be on the safe side, Kevin applied for a P.O. Box from the South Arbon post office and purchased a prepaid phone from a nearby Walmart. After staying a night on a park bench, he returned

    In Plain Sight – 28

    ay after day, Kevin went to the SASU admissions office. Every day was pending. Every day would get closer and closer to whatever the final verdict would be. His money was running out and there

    In Plain Sight – 29

    Kevin stood in the DMV-like line at the SASU Financial Aid office. Out of all the college students standing in line, he was possibly the most excited to be standing there. Waiting. It was still difficult

    In Plain Sight – 30

    “I’ll take it.” Kevin said to the housing manager showing him a month-by-month tiny studio apartment at Spring Street Quarters.

    In Plain Sight – 31

    Crime Watch: Ian Avery. An unsettling number of these makeshift college level “wanted” posters were displayed on many of the doors, bulletin boards, and windows of South Arbon State University.

    In Plain Sight – 32

    Kevin replied to the hair stylist, “Yeah if I can just trim it all up evenly and get it back to blonde, that should work.” If he were to start college and begin his life as this new person, he’d be damned if he did it with a crap hairstyle.

    In Plain Sight – 33

    t was a couple weeks into the semester and this new life became easier to fake every passing day. Sarah, from the group, had not followed up with any indication that she saw through his identity.

    In Plain Sight – 34

    Kevin, Robert, Cathy, Christopher, Aaron, and Sarah sat at a bench for lunch on campus. These people – were they friends? Kevin ate his bologna sandwich and pondered the idea that he may have

    In Plain Sight – 35

    News stations and articles swept through the state and eventually the country. Three months had slipped by since the incident. During this time, Ian Avery had crawled up to number three on American Criminals

    In Plain Sight – 36

    As if Kevin didn’t have enough incentive to hide his identity to begin with, the immediate threat of Robert potentially murdering him if he found out also added to the pressure. However, as close

    In Plain Sight – 37

    It was later in the afternoon when Kevin set up camp at a bench and table by a tree in front of the SASU library. He had enough charge on his laptop to last him a few hours – at least until his date with

    In Plain Sight – 38

    The plan was for Kevin to walk back to his tiny apartment, find a better shirt to wear, maybe put on a different pair of jeans, wash his face and head out to Chronos Coffee where he would meet Sarah

    In Plain Sight – 39

    Kevin arrived at Chronos Coffee in a worse mood than he anticipated due to a tremendous amount of mixed emotions. He met Sarah by a table – she was wearing a different outfit entirely than

    In Plain Sight – 40

    Kevin looked at the time on his phone. It was 2:18am and he was wide awake but knew full well that he needed his sleep. It was the most frustrating sleepless night he’d had in a while – all due to his thoughts.

    In Plain Sight – 41

    Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to a few months – and Kevin grew to love every minute of what felt like normal college life. There were even times where he wouldn’t think about his past or his history.

    In Plain Sight – 42

    “Welcome back to Voice of the People. The country has been taken by storm by the murder of Rebecca Rowen and Joshua Rhuvan by none other than Ian Avery – our nation’s latest villain,”

    In Plain Sight – 43

    Kevin was the first one to show up at Chronos Coffeehouse. He enjoyed the modern aesthetic of the place. It reminded him of Starbucks with a little less of a corporate feel and more of a locally owned small-business feel.

    In Plain Sight – 44

    Cecile and Benjamin Rhuvan sat on the couch in front of the live studio audience, trying to gather their thoughts and feelings. The host of Voice of the People gave them space and a moment to collect themselves as the audience waited with bated breath.

    In Plain Sight – 45

    Anthony Michaels checked the status of his delivery and sure enough, it was delivered. Without hesitation, checked his hair in the mirror, then almost sprinted from his dorm to the SASU mail room, showed his ID and was given his package. A rather heavy box loaded with 500 pamphlets.

    In Plain Sight – 46

    “Welcome back to Voice of the People,” the host said confidently into the camera. The ratings were higher than ever, and she knew it. Millions of eyes across the nation were glued to their TV screens or streaming devices. “Today, we are joined by Laura and Daniel Avery. The parents of Ian Avery himself.

    In Plain Sight – 47

    The sun shone brightly through the kitchen window, a light February breeze rustled through the trees outside of Kevin’s studio apartment – birds chirped in a high pitched tone continuously.

    In Plain Sight – 48

    Kevin stared at the paper in his hand. Need Tutoring Help. Will Pay. He took out his phone and texted the number that apparently belonged to “Kendra” written at the bottom of the paper in cute curly letters.

    In Plain Sight – 49

    “So” Sarah looked into Kevin’s eyes with an expression of disappointment, “Kendra Priscilla, huh? You got caught in her skanky ass charm too? Her rich bitch prissy pretentious vanilla bean charm.”

    In Plain Sight – 50

    A few well thought out and cleverly worded texts later, Kevin was on Sarah’s good side again. He felt his dignity take a bit of a jab from the sheer fact that he felt compelled to step up and regain some reputation he felt was unnecessarily lost